Issue 1 | December 2014
Swarthmore United Methodist Church Our Mission: To Love God and Neighbor
Worship Service 10 am Choir Rehearsal 9am Children's Sunday School 10:15 am Faith and Life Adult Sunday School 11:15 am
Safe Sanctuaries
Swarthmore United Methodist Church is a Safe Sanctuaries congregation. Jesus taught that
children were to be included and provided for within the community of faith.Our Safe Sanctuaries policy hopes
to provide a safe environment for everyone to live and grow in faith.
Copies of our Safe Sanctuaries policy are available at the back of the church.
Appalachia Service Project
Our youth have been going to Central Appalachia with the Appalachia Service Project (ASP) since 2003.
Helping repair homes for low-income families by installing insulation, repairing porches, reinforcing foundations
and forming a bond in faith with the community have been the goals of this mission. For more pictures and news, please visit our ASP group
facebook page
For more information see